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Wax Warmer Paraffin Heater Machine With Heated Electrical Booties and Gloves for Continuous Hydrating Heat Therapy

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FEATURES: Ships next business day. Electric Variable Paraffin Heated Bath with 350g paraffin wax. Includes FREE adjustable electric gloves and booties. Full-size unit for hands, elbows, and feet. Spa quality.
PARAFFIN WAX MACHINE FOR HANDS & FEET: The paraffin bath wax variable warmer heater by VamsLuna is designed to deliver spa-quality care to your hands and feet, softening them and soothing dry or cracked skin. This heated foot bath and paraffin manicure machine can also help to alleviate pain caused by arthritis or other medical conditions.
THERAPEUTIC RELIEF FOR MEN & WOMEN: This set includes fully insulated electric treatment gloves and booties for continuous relief. This paraffin warmer set is ideal for both men and women and can accommodate foot sizes up to a men’s size 13 feet. With these heated insulated booties and heat mitts, electric currents provide heat long after you remove your hands and feet from the paraffin bath.
USES LIQUID PARAFFIN WAX: This wax bath comes with a supply of lightly scented paraffin wax for your heated pedicure or manicure. Once the wax is placed in the heater and begins to warm, it converts from a solid state to liquid, making it easy to nourish your skin. Unlike other paraffin wax that comes in beads, the refills with this wax foot bath come in solid units for maximum convenience.

Moisture Relief
The paraffin wax used in spa treatments acts as an emollient, which helps trap moisture in the skin. Once the paraffin has been rubbed or peeled away, rough hands and dry cuticles are left soft and moisturized. Salons often use the wax spa as a soothing pretreatment to a manicure.

Therabath paraffin baths can be used in the home, office, hospital, or clinic ...

to soothe chronic arthritis joint pain
to relax stiff muscles
in therapeutic massage for clients and for practioners' self-care
prior to therapeutic exercise
during physical and occupational therapy
to increase range of motion
to relieve dryness from repeated hand-washing
for tired, overworked hands
for very dry skin
for salon manicures and pedicures
for paraffin facials
in spas
to warm cold hands, especially in winter
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