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Chicinlife Bride To Be Theme Foil Balloon Cupcake Topper Sash Bachelorette Party Diamond Ring Foil Balloon Straw Wedding

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Product Description:



Letter Foil Balloon Size:16inch

Color:gold,rosegold,Silver,Red,Pink,White for choose as picture



    1. Because of the difference between the different displays, resulting in the color of the picture with the actual receipt of the color of the goods will appear color, I hope you can understand!

    2.Please allow 1-5mm error due to manual measurement.I hope you can understand.001_副本02未标题-201未标题-2 (2)未标题-03011A0206-1_副本未标题-1_副本 (4)4-4HTB1EhHiHY9YBuNjy0Fgq6AxcXXaQ8880605020_717403752_-2-1